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    General Rules


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    General Rules Empty General Rules

    Post by Admin on Sat Sep 06, 2014 9:05 pm

    • Metagaming: Do not metagame on the site. Metagaming can be defined as any out of character action made by a player's character which makes use of knowledge that the character is not meant to be aware of. Your character has to keep to his/her personality, that was written in the app. Do not randomly change their personality. You have to color all the text where your character says something or thinks something. Actions do not need to be colored.
    • Act nice: Be nice to everyone in the chatbox or in private messages. Don't start fights with anyone, do not abuse or insult anyone. Try to make people feel welcomed and try not to ignore anyone. If any abuse happens, please contact the administrators or moderators. Do not bring defamatory, racist, sexual and religious topics into the chatbox. These topics will not be tolerated. Also, don't whine, complain or advertise on the chatbox, there are sections on the forum for these topics, so do not bring them to all the members on the chatbox. Do not use codes to alter the chatbox color or font. No sexual conversations in the chatbox.
    • Writing and Roleplay: In roleplay, only a post that has over 50 words can be counted. If it's lower, the post can be ignored and it may be removed by a staff member. Try to add quality to your posts and keep everything in English, as this is an English speaking forum. Grammar mistakes are understandable, if it isn't your first language. Keep to posting order in topics, you may only skip a person if 3 or more days have passed. Do not edit your posts, unless it's to fix a grammar error, without telling the person you are roleplaying with.
    • Graphics: In order to ensure the site to look nice, avatars shouldn't be bigger than 150 pixels width and 300 pixels height. Also signatures should stay at 150 pixels or lower height and 400 pixels or lower width. All members are allowed one signature at once.
    • Advertising: All advertising done outside the advertising section will not be tolerated on this site. The ad section is there for a reason. If you want to advertise, just stick it in there and not anywhere else, including the chatbox.
    • Accounts: All users can start out with one account. The username does not need to match anything and can be anything you want, also the first username change is free, just contact an admin for that. If you want an alternate account you must meet a few requirements, see character rules for that. Only one character per account, as the roleplay systems on the site, make it impossible to have two characters on the same account.
    • Limits: Your character can have up to 7 social threads at the same time and they can have 4 quests going at the same time. But you can't have another thread with a person you are in a thread with already. The location of your character doesn't matter, they can have a thread anywhere, thanks to liquid time.
    • Plagiarism: Any kind of plagiarism or copying from other sites or texts is forbidden. If you are found doing this, it will usually result in an instant ban. Also, word generator usage is banned as well. If this is your work you are bringing over though, please state this and be ready to provide proof that it does belong to you, to avoid any and all issues.

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