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    Post by Leona on Mon Sep 08, 2014 8:08 am

    ''Weaklings are not welcome here.

    [13:12:23] Mikk (Indaface): It's a faction where power and strength come above all else
    [13:12:30] Mikk (Indaface): And anyone weak is neglected
    [13:12:55] Mikk (Indaface): There are no real rules and everyone climbs the ladder to greatness byt themselves
    [13:13:06] Mikk (Indaface): If you are strong enough you can reach any level of power there
    [13:13:35] Mikk (Indaface): They are lead by a Tyrant
    [13:13:40] Mikk (Indaface): A dictator basically
    [13:13:51] Mikk (Indaface): They have a forced military
    [13:13:59] Mikk (Indaface): Where all citizens must fight for

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