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    Post by Admin on Thu Oct 02, 2014 7:13 pm

    Elder Monsters

    Creatures from the time of creation, beings of incredible power, monsters of colossal size. These are the ways to describe the Elder Monsters. They are the strongest beings on Auroria, no mere mortal could ever reach their level of power and certainly no one who was just born into this world. They are the embodiment of the world, the ones who control it now. If the Elders wished, the world would be destroyed. But this doesn't mean that they are all evil, yes, some of them are, but not all. The Elders are creatures that are better than the regular races in every way. They hold great powers and are very important to the world of Auroria. 

    Dormyer The War Bringer:

    Elder Monsters 262349
    Dormyer is the essence of war and the cause of many, many wars in the land of Auroria. The being brings a war with him, every time he wakes from his slumber. The roar of Dormyer affects everyone, who has dark thoughts towards someone, causing a fight to happen. And with all the different factions, who hold ill feelings towards each other, a roar from Dormyer, can let loose a massive war.

    Dormyer himself is a centaur looking beast. Myths have said that he was a bloodthirsty centaur in the old times, but was changed by the elder gods, to serve them. But as the elder gods disappeared, Dormyer had no one to serve and turned evil. Now the four legged beast roams Auroria, starting multiple wars.  

    Einek The Harbringer:

    Elder Monsters 533751
    Einek was once a peaceful creature, he only wanted to help people. And that's what he mostly did, being the only one of his kind remaining. A living servant of death, who had turned to good. But something happened, the being known as Death returned and forced Einek back under his control, causing the best to go berserk and attack any adventurer stupid enough to venture into his path. 

    Einek is a large sized humanoid, who wields a massive scythe. Though the being has a lot of power without the scythe as well. Einek resembles a devil in it's appearance and had five glowing orange eyes. He was last sighted near the borders of Equilibrium.

    Brongaur The Colossus:

    Elder Monsters 19253
    Imagine a best bigger than a building and with the strength of gods. That is Brongaur. A best who could be considered of godly origin, though no one knows for sure where he came from. Brongaur is colossal being, capable of wiping out armies alone. People have tried to reason with it or even kill it, but nothing has worked. Anyone who has ever survived a Brongaur attack, are scared of the beast. 

    Brongaur has the strength of gods and amazingly powerful hide. His back is covered with spikes and his skin is strong enough to shrug off most damage. Brongaur is most likely found near mountains, which he likes to climb. He is said to attack mountain villages and not leave anyone alive, also, he has been said to consume people. For now though, his exact location is unknown.

    Ryvam The Nature's Guardian:

    Elder Monsters 27841
    Ryvam is the guard of all nature in Auroria. He was assigned to this role by the elder god, who created all of the nature. This nature does include all of the races, so Ryvam despises the thought of ever killing any of them. He would more happily just protect all of them and make them stop killing each other. Though, he doesn't count killing for food bad, as that is nature in work.

    Ryvam is quite huge in size, a regular human barely reaches the knees of his legs. The being has a massive gaping mouth. And when Ryvam speaks, it echos for hundreds of miles, the voice of this creature can make anything listen to it, as all can understand his language. Ryvam never has a certain location, as he can just appear anywhere where there is nature, whatever kind of nature, though living being don't count.

    Awskelbel The Living Lightning:

    Elder Monsters 291897
    Awskelbel is the spirit of lightning, who has assumed a living form. It roams the world, in search of people to fight, but not to kill. No one has ever seen Awskelbel kill anyone he challenges, but people who start a fight with him, will face the fury of thunder and lightning. The being is very intelligent and seems to be extremely old. But this doesn't change the power he can put out, although, it does seem like Awskelbel isn't immortal, but will die from old age at one point.

    Awskelbel appears like a canine, though with lightning moving around his body. He is massive in size, like all of the elder monsters. He can turn into lightning if he wants, giving the being an ability to be anywhere he wants. With Awskelbel a thunder storm of great size will always follow. It is said that when there is a massive thunder storm, Awskelbel is around, searching for a worthy opponent.

    Monggor The Glazed:


    Elder Monsters Darksiders_II_WiiU_IceGiant
    Monggor is said to be the last of his kind, which died out centuries ago. He resides in a cave within the Icelands, rumored to be guarding a fortune of natural gemstones found on the walls deep in the cave. The cave is difficult to find, but the hulking, large glistening figure of Monggor is not, so finding him is similar to finding the cave.

    Monggor is about as tall as the largest hill, lugging around a body of solid ice so pure, it has a glassy look and feel to it - hence his nickname. He will not attack anyone unless threatened, which he registers in two ways. One would be when the cave has been located and invaded by someone or something. Another would be when attacked whilst outside the cave searching for food - in which he will attack and devour the being. Monggor has a varying diet - meaning that pretty much anything can satisfy him, as long as it is of natural origin. It is unknown as to how long his lifespan is, but one can be sure that the hulking chunk of ice has outlived them far longer than they can imagine.

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