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    Post by Hikari on Sat Nov 08, 2014 1:05 pm

    Mythical Monsters

    After the Elder Monsters are the Mythical Monsters, whose power is almost as strong as the Elders Monsters. These monsters possess fantastic physical attributes; speed, strength and recuperative powers and some of these kinds are immortal as well. These Mythical Monsters include Dragons from the deepest part of the world, Beasts and Giants from every kind. They often represent either the supreme evilness or the ultimate virtuousness. Some of the creatures roam around the land or lurk in the places where no one would be able to find. Comparing to the quantity of Elder Monsters, these species have a greater number than the Elder. These creatures have fascinating appeals, having many heads on one body or two kinds of beings combined into one figure, for instance, a bird with horse’s legs.

    Phoenix, The Fire Bird:

    Mythical Creatures Image510

    The Phoenix is a fascinating golden-red feathered bird whose body emitted rays of pure sunlight. The bird is generally believed to be colourful and vibrant, standing out from all other birds. It has a crest of feathers on its head, its legs covered in scales of yellow-gold with rose-coloured talons and has striking blue eyes, similar to sapphires. The bird is extremely large, almost as the size of a highest skyscraper and has huge wings which could break all the trees down with a single flap. Phoenix is a long-lived bird, however, it is regenerated or reborn once every 1000 years after it dies.

    The bird is filled with evilness, always having the desire to slay humans and mortals. The heat radiating from its body is irresistible by regular humans, and not one could even easily get close to the bird. It breathes out searing, boiling hot fire, which burns everyone in its path. It’s powers are extremely strong enough to kill thousands of people. The bird mostly lives in the hottest part of the Auroria land, among thousands of volcanoes.


    Mythical Creatures Image110

    With the haunches of a lion, the wings of a great bird, and the face of a woman, Sphinx is known as treacherous and merciless. She is an extremely beautiful maiden, attracting men and people in a glance. Even the men who is not interested in their opposite sex will be captivated by her beauty, and will become oblivious to everything around the person. When the men become allured, they will eventually be killed an eaten by this ravenous monster.

    Her preys are mostly killed by strangulation, biting the throat of prey and holding them down until they die, devouring them after. Other than slaying people by luring them with her beauty, Sphinx also ask riddles to her prey, just for her amusement. Those who cannot answer her riddles will be killed and eaten by her. She is mostly found in deserts, guarding her own land.

    Lernaean Hydra:
    Mythical Creatures Hydra-11

    Lernaean Hydra is a serpent-like water dragon with reptilian traits who mainly lives in the murky waters of swamps. It possessed many heads, three to be exact, each head breathing out fire, water and wind. When each head is cut off, it will grow into two more heads, the maximum number of heads combined being nine. In fact, as more heads regenerated, it will become even stronger. The Lernaean Hydra is said to be extremely evil, killing everyone who dared to disturb him. The deadly monster is gigantic, its head almost as long as twice the height of a tallest tower.

    Other than its unbelievable regeneration powers and destructive elemental breaths, it also possesses poisonous blood. Those who had succeeded in slaying him will encounter the difficulty of trying to not come into contact with the monster’s blood as it is extremely lethal to mortals. It can corrode objects and burns off skin and muscles easily. Not even the strongest mortal could resist the venom of the blood.

    Jormungand, The Vile Serpent:

    Mythical Creatures Magic_10

    Jormungand is a serpent that lives in dirty swamps and marshes among the caves. The serpent has no eyes or ears but only a single large mouth which is surrounded by sharp spikes along the rim. Since it has no eyes, it has terrible sense of sight although its body has gills, allowing it to breathe through them. The serpent is a ravenous monster, gobbling everything up it could find. It is always starving for food, searching for prey so it could devour them. Those who are eaten by him and had tried to escape had failed miserably. In other words, once you’re in its mouth, you’ll be doomed. It can attack from the pointed spikes located all over its body.

    The smell that is produced from Jormungand’s body is so nasty that any mortal won’t even be able to get close to it. In fact, it also leaves poisonous trails after it crawled away, which acts like acid to mortals. Surprising fact is that Jormungand does not bite its enemies, it directly swallows them down if they ever get caught in its huge mouth.

    Rmagos, The Goblin:

    Mythical Creatures Fantas10

    Zugorim, The Skeleton:

    Mythical Creatures Abstra10

    The Green Hulk:
    Mythical Creatures Monste11

    The Green Hulk is claimed as the strongest monsters among all the Mythical Creatures, his strength surpassing every monster and mortals. It has huge horns protruding out from the corner of its mouth and if it wishes, it could charge towards an object or a person like a bull with those horns. Metal chains and chambers embrace the gigantic Hulk’s body and over its hunched back and chest, its wrists cuffed with extremely tough metal. The Hulk is known to be very aggressive and would bash his chest over and over again, roaring out loud. Apart from its outrageous strength, the Hulk does not possess any kind of special abilities, unlike any other creatures.

    It is mostly found in enormous old caves, usually chained to them. Its only wish is to find a very strong and brave hero to break the indestructive metal chains around its hands and free him from these caves. The reason why it had been cuffed to the deserted caves is because The Green Hulk was once used to be extraordinarily destructive, wiping out the whole city and killing millions of people in a single attack. Centuries ago, an invincible hero succeeded to defeat the monster, taking all its abilities away, only leaving its strength and the body itself and chained him to the deepest part of the caves.

    Centaur Warrior:

    Mythical Creatures 800x5511

    Witch Doctor:

    Mythical Creatures Video_10

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