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    Skills Template (Notice: Mandatory)


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    Skills Template (Notice: Mandatory) Empty Skills Template (Notice: Mandatory)

    Post by Admin on Tue Nov 18, 2014 5:44 pm

    Template to be used in creating your skills. Usage of this template is mandatory, as it makes grading for staff easier and quicker.

    Class: (State your class that you have picked. For classes look into the glossary.)
    Aurorom Power: (The name of your powers)
    Description: (Write down anything you can think of your powers aka what they can do, what they look like, how do you use them. Anything like that. Minimum is 150 words.)
    Strengths: (Write down all the strengths of your powers. Minimum is 3. Use the bullet list for them.)
    Weaknesses: (Write down all the weaknesses of your powers. Please add weaknesses that makes sense and actually do weaken you. Minimum is 3 and please bullet them.)
    Mini Powers: (Miniature effects that your powers give you, that require no energy to use. Can't be anything strong and you can have a maximum of 5. Bullet list these as well. If your powers have any of the limited positions, please state all of their powers here as well.)

    Skill: (The name of your skill)
    Rank: (The rank of the skill)
    Type: (The type of skill: duration, instant, are of effect, etc. If a skill has more than one type, please state them all.)
    Element: (State the element of your skill. If it has no element leave this part blank.)

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