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    Post by Admin on Sun Sep 07, 2014 5:32 pm

    Race: Human

    Description: The human race, a race that has grown to be the biggest one on the continent of Auroria. They own huge cities and have built massive machines, for multiple purposes. They are seen weak from their physical form by other races, as there isn't anything special from their basic form. They do however, have a very good mind and have shown higher intelligence than a few of the other races, who are more focused on brute force.

    Humanity isn't an old race, compared to a few other, who were already intelligent, when humanity was still crawling in mud. Due to this... Unfortunate fact, they are commonly looked down upon by the more ancient races; Demigods, Drakin, Sailyn and Visengard. This has also caused conflict between humans and the four mentioned above. Some of the biggest, most impactful wars were waged between Humans and Visengard, which led thousands to their deaths. Although these wars have ended and all the races live in peace, some are unable tol forget the terror caused to humans.

    Humans have inhabited almost all areas on Auroria, excluding the Infernal lands. They have built massive cities in all areas they have inhabited and the country side is dotted with human villages. In these cities, humans live peacefully together with almost all of the races. Humans have the most ground in the Dawnlight faction, as they are one of the three founding races.

    Humans are known as great inventors and builders. They also reproduce a lot faster than any of the other races. Humans are capable of excelling with their ability to adapt. They can live in any area except the Infernal Lands. Additionally, their natural ability to adapt has given them resistance to cold and heat. They don't seem to be phased by any weather and can fight in any conditions. Thanks to this, they aren't overpowered by other races, unless the others can fight in preferred conditions. Otherwise, the humans are very generic, usually carrying no enhanced senses.

    The population of humans at the moment in Auroria is 27 million, which is a lot more than nearly every other race, especially a lot more than the Demigods. The human army is probably the one with the most equipment as well, as they can produce things quickly, though again, their physical forms are weaker than a lot of the other races.

    Humans can look very different from each other and they basically come in all sizes and shapes. Though, their looks are usually based on the area where they were born. However, their looks don't matter, they all have the same capabilities. They are also one of the most tolerant races on Auroria and accept almost all other races as their allies.

    Passive abilities:

    Techno brain: Humans are passively very smart and can learn things quicker than others. Though they aren't the smartest, the speed at which they learn things is increased and they aren't slowed down by traps as much as other races. All learning threads are shortened by 3 posts and they can escape from traps 1 post quicker than other races.

    Adapt: Humans have the ability to easily adapt to their surroundings, creating a resistance basically. Thank to this, they have a 50% resistance to heat and cold, but only from the environment. Also their adapting makes them better in any type of weather.

    Active ability:

    Last stand: Any human race player can use this ability once per thread. When it's active, for one post, the human can take any hit and survive, this isn't affected by rank. This ability can only be used, when the human is below 25% health.

    The look of Humanity.:

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