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    Post by Leona on Sun Sep 07, 2014 7:12 pm

    "God Bends Before The King"

    Strong, Mighty, Dawnlight stands tall as one of the three big Factions in Auroria. Founded long, long ago, this faction was founded by Humans, Elves and Dwarves, creating one of the strongest factions in all Auroria. This faction specifically, is a monarchy, which means that its leaders are the King and The Queen. Dawnlight is a Faction that respects the Laws and Decisions made by the King and Queen, and those that oppose those laws are bound to face death sooner or later.


    As mentioned before, Dawnlight is a Monarchy, and thus, is ruled by a King and Queen. All the decisions, laws and alliances are organized and realized by the sovereign. The people that pertain to Dawnlight rarely have any right of an oppinion, making Dawnlight a Faction with Absolutist Monarchy, meaning the the Sovereign decides all, imposes the laws alone, and is the maximum authority, leaving the others with no right to make decisions about Dawnlight.

    Dawnlight is a Faction that dislikes Anarchists and Rebels, and thus, has very strict laws that the people pertaining to this faction must follow, or else they might be closed in jail for an indetermined time, or even worse, they might face death.

    Dawnlight is a Faction that is in Constant Conflict with the other two big Factions: Azeron and Equilibrium. These three factions dislike eachother greatly, and is almost impossible to see them agree on something, as each factions stands for something different, which often collides with the beliefs of the other Factions.


    Dawnlights must follow a series of laws that are decided and dictated by the Sovereign of the Dawnlight, be that the King or the Queen. Most of the Laws don't remain the same the entire time, as when a new Sovereign rises, the laws are usually changed. There is a very small amount of laws that are actually always present that have remained through the times, no matter how many Kings and Queens have been changed.

    Always Follow the Monarch: Dawnlights must always follow their monarch, no matter what happens. Breaking this rule may lead to severe punishment, if discovered.

    Always Respect the Monarch: Dawnlight must always show respect and devotion to their Sovereign, no matter how hideous and terrible he might be. A Monarch must always be respected in Dawnlight, and those who are caught breaking this rule may face severe punishment.

    Remain Loyal to Dawnlight: Dawnlights must always remain loyal to their Faction. Changing their current faction to another one is a show of disrespect and unloyalty to the Sovereign, which not only breaks this rule, but the ones stated above as well. Breaking this rule will result the prohibition to join Dawnlight again by the person tha left it, and even might cause Dawnlights to hunt him down and attempt to kill him.


    Dawnlights mainly control the cities that occupied by Humans, Dwarves and Elven, and as well as some Nekoshi cities. This faction have their control mostly settled around the West area of Aurorum, and their biggest City is their Headquarters, which is where the King and Queen reside. The Headquarters is a city with a brutal defense and reinforced army that guards it, due to the fact that it is the residence of the Sovereign, and it must be protected from possible attacks from the other factions, no matter what.



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