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    Post by Admin on Mon Sep 08, 2014 5:45 am

    Race: Elven

    Description: The Elven race is proud and noble. Considered by many to be the strongest race in the whole of Auroria, as their cities spanned all of the massive forest of Auroria. During the Solemn period, the Elves were the ruling nation, they weren't oppressors, but multiple other saw them as weaklings, due to their bodies. This brought on their fall and their retreat to the Elder Woods, where the Elven capital still resides to this day. 

    The Elves are portrayed as beautiful and graceful - simply brimming with elegance. Their movements are sleek and fast, undaunted by the terrains. They stand quite tall, taller than most humans and especially taller than dwarfs. Elves are renowned builders as well, though they keep their cities smaller, to make them easier to defend. As just like humans, Elves lack raw power in their feeble bodies. Thus, races like the Sailyn and Visengard can easily overpower them in a straight up brawl, as those two have massive body strength. The Elves are easily identified by their pointed ears and uniquely colored skin, be it either purple, beige or light brown.

    Elven cities are built into massive trees found in the very western areas of the Aurorian continent. It isn't unusual for these trees to be on the edge of the ocean, looking over the great blue. Most Elven cities are built from wood and gold, keeping to the beauty stereotype. The entire cities circle these massive trees, sometimes multiple trees. This makes the city into a fortress as well, albeit rather in planned. Usually the Elven cities only have one entrance, where everything goes through. But unlike plenty of other races, the Elven haven't put any real technology or manufacturing into their city, desiring to stay as close to the earth as possible. The Elven cities are almost exclusively in the western areas, there in one located in the northern territory, but that city is small and a lot less grand compared to the older Elven cities, not even mentioning the capital city of the Elven. 

    The Elven people are very friendly and hospitable towards other races, as long as they are polite and friendly in return. Thanks to this, Elven cities are filled with other races, ranging from Elementals to Humans. This has also caused quite a big growth in the Elven race and they have achieved the position as one of the largest races on Auroria. The estimated population of Elven people is 14 million, excluding the sealed societies the Elven have. 

    The sealed societies of the Elven are very mysterious. A very small amount of non-Elven have ever walked the halls of the sacred Elven city, hidden from everyone else but the Elves chosen to live there. Not even Elven who have lived away from the lands of the Elven are let in there. Some people even consider this city to be a myth, but if it does exist, and is truly a place of purity and beauty. 

    Overall, the Elven are friendly, pacifist race. They will however, fend themselves should their wellbeing be threatened, and bare their fangs.

    Passive Abilities: 

    Elven Senses: All Elven have increased sight and hearing. To the point of being able to hear even whispers in a mile radius and see for almost 3 miles. Thanks to this they are used as scouts fairly often. 

    One with Nature: All Elven can talk to animals from birth. It seems to be a gift that Elven are born with to the world. They are able to talk with any creature, the only exceptions being the Elder Gods, when they speak in their mother tongue. 

    Active Ability: 

    Acrobatic Boost: All Elven players can increase their base speed, jump strength and evasiveness by 50% for 3 posts. This means that they can more easily get in attacks or dodge attacks. 

    The Look of Elven:

    Elven Race 124108
    Elven Race Elf-warrior-with-sword-and-armor
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