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    Post by Admin on Mon Sep 08, 2014 5:48 am

    Race: Dwarven


    The Dwarven are a race of subterranean beings. They are humanoid in their being, though smaller in stature. They are usually only to the hips of an average human male. However, it doesn't hinder their combat ability - the Dwarven are extremely deadly, especially when wielding their signature weaponry aka axes. The Dwarven are known as battle hardened and very brave warriors. They never seem to back down from a fight and never show any fear in the eyes of anything, not even the gods.


    The cities of the Dwarven are located mostly underground, with only the entrance and a few buildings above ground. It's said that not even the Dwarven know how deep their tunnels run. And in these tunnels, they are the gods. No other races have dug as deep and as well as the Dwarven. While in this caves and tunnels, of which every Dwarven knows a tonne about, they can fight better than any other race. The only other race who can take them on in a pitch black cave is the Nekoshi, due to their natural ability to see in the dark.

    The Dwarven are known for their refined building skills and their cities are a proof of that. There are massive statues and grand halls in these underground metropolises. It's an understatement to call Dwarven cities colossal, as they are one of the biggest unnatural structures built in Auroria, topped only by the fortress of the Titans.


    The Dwarven have a long history with the world. They have not seen eye to eye with may races and have endured countless wars. Fortunately, these wars have forged the Dwarven to be incredible warriors, capable of taking on any foe they meet. All of this has made the Dwarven army one of the most feared, even by races who consider themselves the descendants of gods.

    When the Dwarven first emerged and made contact with other races, they were seen as peaceful. But thanks to the ferocity of some of the other intelligent races, the Dwarven became what they are. Though the Dwarven leaders see only a few of the other races as good in their eye, mainly the Humans and the Elven, though there is a never ending argument, as to who is better, the Elven or the Dwarven. A friendly rivalry, one could say.

    The Dwarven are on of the races, who made the Dawnlight faction, the 2nd king of Dawnlight was also a Dwarven. The Dwarven now hold a high position in the world and are respected even by the opposing factions. Anyone would be happy to have a Dwarven as their ally, but don't ever call them a dwarf, as that is found offensive. The proper, polite term is Dwarven.


    Male Dwarven take pride in having beards, therefore they almost always have a mighty beard grown out and long hair. Most adult dwarves never grow beyond an average male's hips. The females too, are of similar heights, but in contrast to their male counterparts, do not possess facial hair. Or at least, a majority of them don't - it isn't entirely impossible either, considering the Dwarven race are quite a masculine race.

    They are commonly found dressed in armor or combat-fit clothing, but there are Dwarven who dress differently, so it's all a matter of choice at the end of the day. It's not uncommon to find Dwarven of both genders with accessories in their hair, and braids. Men especially, can be seen with braided beards occasionally, with little trinkets in them.


    Of short stature by nature, Dwarven make up for their height with their strong, muscular builds. Male and female both have buff, muscly builds. They may appear chubby or obese, but one can be sure that they have very well-built bodies, and therefore underestimating their strengths would be quite a painful mistake.

    The Look Of The Dwarven:
    Dwarven Race Dwarf_by_evren_ince-d5rer9b
    Dwarven Race Bolin
    Dwarven Race Dwarf_by_cynic_pavel-d5kz1cx
    Dwarven Race 03dcca843eb8288e5fd382e061ac9b97
    Dwarven Race 640x772_5452_Dwarf_2d_illustration_dwarf_warrior_fantasy_picture_image_digital_art
    Dwarven Race Tumblr_mwcd1x5Mvd1r3sy6wo1_500

    Passive Abilities:

    Fearless: The Dwarven can't be scared, though they can be intimidated, but the intimidation won't stop them from fighting.

    Heavy Lifter: The Dwarven have the capability of lifting almost anything, high ranking Dwarven are known to be able to lift things, 20 times their own weight.

    Active Ability:

    Battle Fury: Once during a thread, the Dwarven can activate battle Fury, but only if they are below 50% health. Battle Fury increases their strength, durability and ferocity by 100%. Battle Fury also makes The Dwarven deal double their damage. Battle Fury lasts for 3 posts.

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