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    Post by Admin on Mon Sep 08, 2014 5:49 am

    Race: Demigod

    General Description

    The Demigods are an ancient race of beings that are direct descendants of gods. They were created by these gods at the time of the worlds creation, as sentinels to look over it and help the world grow. Even though they can't have children, a Demigod can live forever, they may have a limit to their age, but no Demigod has still died of age. People speculate that the number of remaining Demigods is less than 1000. And most of them are in hiding, only a few dare to still roam among the other races.

    The Demigods, by personality seem to be very brutal and merciless, though there are exceptions. They don't seem to like the other races much and seem to think of them as weaker. The only way a Demigod will accept that someone is stronger than them, is if they are killed or beaten in a duel.  Even though their mind may be evil, all Demigods still give off a powerful holy aura, just like the Angelics. Demigods usually keep to themselves, though there are reports of them working together with other races and under the factions


    Demigods do not have any particular settlement - not since the war hundreds of years ago. As such, a majority of demigods are travelers, wandering from place to place in search of their own amusement or interests. There are however, demigods who live among other races, in both obscurity and not, although these are of a small percentage seeing as demigods have quite a complicated reputation with Auroria's other races.

    The old Demigod capital is now but a mere place of lost civilization; collapsed buildings, ruins and an overgrown weed garden. Not many venture there for the unpleasant reminder it stands as, but there have been sightings of Demigods once in a while, perhaps reminiscing about the times where they were the kings and queens. Ravages re as well as curious individuals aren't uncommon either, but till this day it is mostly just ancient ruins and a sort of historical monument.


    As most would know, Demigods are descendants of the gods of Auroria, who, by their own choices and mistakes, were brought to their knees during the fierce battle between the entire 13 races of Auroria and the Demigod race.

    Initially, Demigods were meant to guard over the world, such that stability could be ensured. Due to the natural power of the Demigods, they went and turned their back on their job and turned the world into their playground. No other race could stand up to the might of the Demigod army and so, all the other races were enslaved by the sentinels, who were actually meant to protect them.

    However, the age of the Demigods' supremacy didn't last long. All the races united under a single banner and with their overwhelming numbers, the Demigod capital was taken and burned to the ground. This caused a chain reaction, which caused the fall of the entire Demigod empire. A large, glorious empire that stretched all over Auroria, fell to the combined might of the other 13 races.

    During the fall, most Demigods were slaughtered, locked up or executed. Some Demigods serve this prison sentence to this day. Due to all of this, Demigods were almost driven to extinction and as Demigods can't have offspring, they are still currently on the verge of total annihilation.


    Demigods resemble humans a lot, though are naturally taller and usually skinnier as well. They never seem to have a lot of muscles or weight to their bodies. Their tall stature makes this even more noticeable. The Demigods have another difference with the Humans, their eyes. The eyes of the Demigods glow with a strikingly bright aura, of which the color is dependent of their natural eye color. This gives away a Demigod instantly, as not even a mask can fully hide the glow. Also, all Demigods seemingly sport long hair, though none know the reason to this. Some Demigods also have tattoos running along their bodies.


    Demigods possess a similar structure to that of humans. They, however, tend to possess more attractive features, therefore putting them at a higher level than humans when it comes to beauty. They do not seem to have much muscle mass, and can appear very normal in terms of physical conditions, but it is their height that gives them away. Their height can vary, though they usually are taller than the average human male or female. As such, demigods of both genders can reach up to 6 ft tall.

    Demigods have all the organs a human would have, although the one trait that separates them from the humans most would be their immortality. Ageless from the time of their creation, a demigod has an infinite amount of years to live - assuming they are not killed. Their physical appearances will stop aging at a certain point, which is different for every demigod. Killing one, would take a lot of time and damage inflicted, for their regenerative ability is not to be belittled. Therefore, one must take care when attempting to kill a demigod, lest they'd want to end up six feet under.

    The Look of The Demigods:

    Demigod Race Ren.%28God.Eater%29.240.408042
    Demigod Race Anime%20god%20eater%20arisa%20iriinchina%20amieera%201493x1200%20wallpaper_www.wallpaperfo.com_10
    Demigod Race 6d83e53a8018cfc47be83e5ad8c4f7201227718679_fullDemigod Race Anime_boy-1-1
    Demigod Race 505106-1

    Passive Abilities:

    Immortality: All Demigods are immortal by age. They can never die from age.

    Life Line: All Demigods take 25% reduced damage, when below 40% health, making them very difficult to kill.

    Active Ability:

    Godly Prowess: Once per thread, a Demigod may regenerate 50% of their hp in a matter of 2 posts. This can be interrupted by stunning, setting the Demigod on fire, freezing them or electrocuting them or making a cut onto their neck. The Demigods also during this time, gain the 25% reduction to damage for 2 posts. Life Line and Godly Prowess do not stack.

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