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    Post by Leona on Sat Mar 28, 2015 3:35 pm

    Dragons & Drakes

    The dragons in Auroria are homoeothermic reptiles. In other words, they are warm-blooded creatures and their body temperature is controlled internally. This characteristic enables them to adapt to the different climates of their very extensive habitat and to maintain their activities both day and night throughout the year, as they are not dependent on the warmth from the sun like the other reptiles. Every dragon generally has wings, and their bones are hollow, for lightness. The dragons are the largest known flying creatures. To maintain their enormous bulk in the air, their physical structure is different from that of other reptiles whom many people inaccurately associate with Dragons. Their wing bones fit on to broad shoulders which support the powerful wing muscles; these require an extraordinary articulation system unknown in other species. The bones were tougher than reinforced concrete and much lighter. It is important to note that the bones of a dragon are hollow like bird reducing their mass, scientifically: any creature with the physiology of a dragon can flight well and at a great speed. As a matter of fact, dragons are very powerful. Their leg and "arms" can support great charge without much difficulty but this only applies on ground movement because in the air, a dragon can not maintain more than half of its weight for a long period of time. A majority of the Dragons are humongous in size, some as long as a hundred feet to a minimum of fifty feet. They're a common sight around Auroria's skies and one can usually experience a huge shadow moving on the streets; only to see a massive Dragon towering above their heads in the clear skies. Its only a question of your effort to look up.

    The Elder Dragons:

    The Elder Dragons are the most powerful among the entire Dragon-kin. They're a rarer sight for the common pedestrian and barely try to come in contact with lesser and weaker beings of the World. All the other Dragons are descendants of the Elder Dragons and respect these handful, yet powerful superiors with respect that is tinged by fear to a great extent.

    Ight'as - The Inferno:
    Dragons and Drakes ETjMtSx
    Ight'as can be described as pure evil. The dragon is the most evil creature Auroria has ever seen. Not even the elder god of darkness is this evil. Ight'as lives inside the depths of his own volcano, in the infernal lands, totally secluded from the rest of the world. The dragon is in it's slumber, waiting for someone to wake it up and let it cause chaos. But waking it is a huge task on it's own. Ight'as is a massive Dragon that utilizes the power of fire. He isn't as big as the other Dragons; being only sixty feet long, but can still easily overwhelm things due to his sheer power. Ight'as entire body is made up of brown and orange colored scales and each of them looks as sharp as a blade. The monstrosity has scaly wings and claws capable of cutting through the hardest steel. Even walking near this Dragon is like walking near the white-hot sun; and people will naturally start sweating unless they have ahigh tolerance to heat. The inferno Dragon is capable of spewing out fire from it mouth and can burn down entire cities with its flames; thus causing countless casualties. When the inferno Dragon wakes, no one will be spared.
    Barfa - The Subzero:
    Dragons and Drakes HR4RRFL

    Barfa is an important member of the sacred Elder Dragons. To describe this creature in one word would be impossible; since he's got a myriad of catchy features to himself. Physically speaking, Barfa has dark-blue scales that are as cold as ice and blaze bright like an ever flickering flame. In his chest, he holds a hearth of ice crystals and in his remorseless heart lies rime. His eyes are thin slits that leak an icy-blue energy and is capable of turning any person's skin into a sickly pallor. The claws are able to lacerate even the sturdiest to mere ribbons of flesh and bone and the blood is so black that compared to it, even the night sky holds an intense radiance that blinds the witnesses eyes. With his tongue, he can probably smell your dread and taste your fear. He holds a wisdom like no other and, yet expresses a toxic greed. Usually he's trapped in slumber, unless he wants to quench the hunger he cannot not satisfy due to his sheer size. Speaking about its power, this Elder Dragon uses ice for combat and is capable of breathing out frost and freezing people to mere statues of ice. He's a merciless creature who doesn't bow before anyone and is hell-bent on annihilating any person who tries to stand between him and his motives.  
    Lumière - The Holy:
    Dragons and Drakes HCDl2ql
    Even one little glance on Lumiére is enough to mesmerize the spectator in less than a second. This female Dragon is one of the most calm and collected Dragon that one will ever come across. Her heart, just like her appearance, is pure and innocent- and her voice (if you can understand Dragon-tongue) is surprisingly eloquent for a creature of such shape and size. Compared to the other Elder Dragons, Lumiére is a bit small in size; being only about seventy five feet long. But of course, this is far better than the minimum range of Dragon size. Her body is completely covered by white, blue and yellow scales that radiate a beautiful and translucent while light all the time. Three horns just out of her head, among which the middle one is shaped like a thunder-bolt. From the top of her head, extends a plume of golden hair that travels right up to the tip of her tail. This same hair can be seen thickening around the place around what one can term as her "shoulder". Her wings are not scaly, but instead are made of ruffled, snow-white feather of the most beautiful kind- with yellow color accentuating it every now and then. Seeing this Dragon flight, is near to seeing an Angel from Heaven fly.
    As far as her powers go though, one should not make the mistake of connecting her gentle and beautiful appearance with the strength that this Elder Dragon possesses. She makes use of light so powerful that it can blind her opponent with just a little flash and can also be seen shooting beams of light from her mouth; which are capable of cutting through an entire mountain. Not to mention, the light that she utilizes can burn and scorch as well. In short, her appearance is a tad bit deceptive.
    Hataugho - The Spirit:
    Dragons and Drakes 1ICf5HM
    Hataugho is the leader of all of the good spirts, though under his command, only two remain and aren't even under his direct control anymore. Hataugho himself, has taken residence in a small city in Equilibrium. He helps the people there and provides protection from everything, including people who are from foriegn nations and act as a threat. Not much is known of Hataugho, except the rumors about his massive size and glowing, mystical-green eyes. He's usually seen coiling his serpent-like body around a pillar and achieving a state of deep and calm slumber. No one has ever seen the brown-scaled Dragon attacking anyone or using any of his powers. Hataugho resides in a small village, using the temple as a place to sleep on. A truly divine abode for the truly divine creature.
    Akzaja - The Bolt:
    Dragons and Drakes H24doJZ
    Akzaja is a wicked dragon whose entire body is made up of extremely tough metal; its jaws and teeth being sharper than any kind of swords and blades. Inside its metal body cage, there is a filler of purple lightning. Not having any organs inside its body, the Akzaja is similar to that of a robot dragon, in other words. Akzaja is a heartless creature who enjoys killing people just for his amusement. The dragon has metal wings which has huge spikes jutting out from the hard metal. It also has sharp and short spears protruding from the end of its tail. Akzaja may be known as a dragon but it is not relatively big in its size, only slightly bigger than a T-Rex.

    Akzaja has the ability to create storms at his will which includes summoning lightning and thunder at his own free will. The dragon lives among the mountains and hills, the weather around him is usually foggy and misty with storms always occurring, thunder and lightning striking most of the time.
    Zehar - The Pestilence:
    Dragons and Drakes OeRIrdm
    First look At Zehar and there's already a shiver running down the spines of normal mortals. This massive Dragon is a royal combination of green and red to the eyes; giving off a wild and ferocious vibe. There are colossal, scaly wings that this beast possesses, which are decorated with sharp spikes protruding from the bones of the wings. This creature's got fiery, red eyes and the same colored horns adorning the base of its neck. Its claws are made up of a strange, raven-black bone; capable of cutting through the hardest steel. Zehar has also got a snake-like aura about him, along with the a similar tongue; which it can be spotted flicking out every now and then.

    Zehar makes use of lethal poison for attacking its foes. He's capable of spewing out an impressive jet of acid / poison from its mouth and can also coat its claws with it to make its attacks more effective. Usually, the region around this Dragon is barren and turned into a wasteland due to all the vegetation and animals that meet their fatal end due to this beast's poison.
    Akasha - The Heavenly:
    Dragons and Drakes LXlyX4h
    Akasha comes off as a very majestic and beautiful Dragon to behold. He's one of the largest Dragons when it comes to physical size, as well as the amount of knowledge that he posseses. This sapphire Dragon can seem like a know-it-all once you hear him speak and has one of the most beautiful voices (provided you understand Dragon-tongue). He's completely draped in blue from head to claws and despite being a Dragon, has a gentle aura about himself. He's got a really huge wingspan, so seeing him flying above you means you'll be shadowed for quite a while.

    Coming over to powers, Akasha is the Dragon of the Skies- or more aptly, the King. This creature is one of the only Dragons who can hold himself up in the air for a substantial time and is unaffected by the usual wear and tear that flying means for other Dragons. Inspite of this ability, he's still a bit of a lazy-ass and can be seen sitting peacefully over a high mountain top; shrouded completely in clouds and fog. However, his appearance and personality can be considered as nothing more than a deception when this creature lands on the battle-field. Then he's among the fiercest warriors that you'll ever happen to witness- capable of using the gale storms and hurricane winds present in his arsenal.
    Dharatī - The Stable:
    Dragons and Drakes S0N22TG
    Dharatí, at first glance, can easily be mistakened for some sort of tree; as its entire appearance is the most ideal for camouflaging. This creature is an entire mass of green and earthly colors- giving off a calm, serene and beautiful vibe. He's one of the heaviest Dragons, yet the most light-hearted and with the best sense of humor. Of course, as an extension, he's also the most friendly to all mortals of Auroria. Dharatí's main body is composed of a tree-trunk like skin, that extends further onto his green, scaly wings and acts as the skeletal frame and support for the wings. This Dragon has brilliant, emerald colored eyes and tree-trunk like horns protruding from the top of his head. His claws are made up of some sort of stony material and is at some places; covered by a mass of leaf-like materials.

    About the power that Dharatí weilds- its the very earth that we walk upon. As a result, he's naturally in tune with the nature around us, which extends onto being extremely friendly towards all animals and beasts of Auroria. Every creature has a deep well of respect for this kind and charming Earth Dragon. On the battlefield, he makes use of sandstorms, controls huge boulders and is capable of making rocks jut out right from any desert of the world. Not only this, Dharatí can also make use of plants and all of kinds of natural vegetation to trap his opponents; and can cause them to grow on any barren piece of land.
    Loha - The Resilient:
    Dragons and Drakes FSZy6g8
    First glance at Loha and you'd be terrified by the sharp jaws and claws that he flaunts around so easily. The Dragon's body is a shade of mighty silver and gold, giving off a strange and outworldly glow. His body is made up of celestial metals- thus, by extension, this beast of a Dragon has the hardest scales when compared to all the Elder Dragons. His wings somewhat resemble a fly's wings, but with a more jagged look to it. The most intriguing part of his wings is that both of them have a hook-like protrusion at the place where they sharply bend. Loha's underside is made up of pure, celestial gold and he's also the only Dragon who always has a bipedal stance. This Dragon has a long and flexible tail, made entire out of metal, that ends with a sharp and pointed little tip.

    Loha is a ferocious Dragon, whose single attack is capable of causing massive lacerations and bleeds on normal, human skin. What more? This Dragon can attack you from any part of his body and still cause injuries, thanks to his scales and body-parts being made of sharp metal. Speaking about personality, Loha is as merciless as any Dragon can get and goes to any lengths to get what he wants. His not the friendliest among the Dragons, but is attracted to people who showcase power and potential; and wouldn't really mind assisting them once in a while- no matter the aims or consequences.

    His long-range attack can include shooting tornado-like breaths with sharp, metal pieces imbibed in it or maybe making metal pillars shoot right from underneath his opponents. In short, not a pretty sight once he's done.
    Paani - The Calm:
    Dragons and Drakes MLDtmbL
    Living in the depths of the seas and oceans, Paani is the Water Dragon that comes into contact with swimmers once in a while. She's the only one among the Elder Dragons who doesn't mind human or mortal contact and maintains amicable relation with them. This blue-scaled Dragon is a beautiful sight to behold, one whose appearance fills your heart with a substantial ounce of calm and peace. Her body is a mixture of blue, green and yellow colored scales; with blue being the dominating color- which, infact, helps in camouflaging within the clearest of blue waters. This female Dragon hasn't got any wings to speak of, but instead only protrusions that "look" like wings, but actually serve only th purpose of better swimming. The simple reason to this is that she doesn't fly in the air- but, of course, can be seen on the beach or sea-shore once in a while. She is capable of walking on land and swimming in water; but not flying in the air. Cavorting the gentle and clear water, talking to marine life is this Dragon's evident liking in her free time.

    Coming to the battlefield, Paani is majorly a pacifist; but wouldn't hesitate to jump into a conflict if somebody hurts someone or something that she holds dear. This Dragon has enormous control over her element and can make tsunamis and hurricanes on parched land if she wants to. The pressure of water is best utilized by Paani, as she can make a stream of water have such cutting power that the hardest of steel would bend down before her power and might.

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