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    Gem System Rules  Empty Gem System Rules

    Post by Admin on Wed Oct 07, 2015 11:11 pm

    Gem System

    The gems are what give power to the residents of Auroria, the objects that let everyone use powers that only gods otherwise could, to bend elements to their will, to summon things from thin air or to power up their own bodies.

    That's the basis of gems, they give a character abilities, to basically do anything they can think of. There are limits on gems though, as they are still just a small chunk of power, nothing on their own., but needing a vessel to get into, to channel their power.

    So basically, in a story point of view, gems are placed into a characters body, after which the gem's power channels through their body, becoming a part of the being and granting them the power of the gem to use at their command.

    Though, a gem can only grant it's user one active ability, there is no arguing this. This active ability can be ranked up though, with using a rank up gem. This brings us to the types of gems found in the world of Auroria.

    Firstly there are the Elemental Gems, these all follow one element or something else entirely. A gem can only conjure up actives of it's element. A passive part of a gem is slightly different, it can either be based off the element or be neutral in it's element. There is a wide variety of elemental gems though.

    List of Elemental Gems:

    Fire Gem: This gem, as it's name says is to do with all things fire, but it doesn't incorporate magma in it's power, only fire.

    Water Gem: The water gem is quite versatile, granting the ability to use cold or hot water, and being able to summon ice as well.

    Earth Gem: The earth gem is able to summon rock or all other kinds of minerals, including things like carbon, basalt, marble, etc. But this gem has nothing to do with metallic compounds, magma or crystals.

    Lightning Gem: The lightning gem, as it's name says, has all to do with lightning and electricity. It doesn't hold any other kind of other form of it's element in it.

    Nature Gem: The nature gem is able to summon organic compounds, including things like wood and plants, which makes it capable of summoning living parts of the world.

    Air Gem: The air gem, as it's name suggest, controls the wind of the world and can use it as it's power. This power does have control over all kinds of wind and so is sometimes considered the sky gem as well.

    Shadow Gem: The shadow gem, as it name may suggest, controls shadows, but can also control the dark. It is considered one of the more versatile gems, as the dark can do much much more than other elements can.

    Light Gem: The light gem gets all of it's power from sources of light and can condense light down to a solid object. It's the natural counterpart to the shadow gem and just as versatile.

    Metal Gem: The metal gem controls all metallic compounds found in the world, including all radioactive metals as well. Basically anything that's metal, is under the control of this gem.

    Poison Gem: The poison gem controls all kinds of corrosive and harmful substances found in the world. This does include acids as well, but due to it's limitation, the poison gem isn't considered too versatile, as of yet.

    Magma Gem: The magma gem controls the power of the world's core, giving it power over it's molten center. It is the newest discovered elemental gem, so it's full potential hasn't been tapped into yet.

    Sound Gem: The sound gem, as it's name implies, uses the power of sound waves, to make the user's command a wish.

    Blood Gem: The blood gems controls the blood of living creatures and can conjure it up easily, just like any other gem can conjure their elements. Though the blood gem isn't just limited to blood, but to all other types of tissues as well. The gem has quite a repulsive feel to it at times.

    The second type of gems, are the artificial gems that were created after decades of research done to elemental gems. These gems are more limited and specific in their usage, than their naturally occurring counterparts, but are still just as powerful, if not even more.

    List of Artificial Gems:

    Thorn Gem: The thorn gem was created in hopes of quickly arming an entire army, but failed, as a single gem could only summon a single weapon. Though it's power was far from weak, giving the ability to summon any kind of weapon from it, has made it quite popular with a lot of fighters, even if the weapons lacked elemental properties, though that could be changed, by another gem.

    Soul Gem: The soul gem was the creation of trappers, but failed, as the being trapped in the soul gem, couldn't be released, though like with the thorn gem, proved much more useful. The soul gem is incredibly different from others, as it has to trap a creature in a quest thread first, to become useful. After trapping, it then can summon that beast into combat, alongside it's trapper. Some adventurers are using it to catch them all, by them meaning the beasts of Auroria. The creature will have it's natural element to it.

    Beast Gem: The beast gem is similar to the soul gem, working in exactly the same way, but instead of after summoning the creature, it instead makes it's caster become that creature, whatever creature was captured. It does have it's limits though, like not being able to cast another beast gem at the same time or limiting the use of other gems, if they for like example require hands, but the caster became a turtle.

    The third category is the unique gems, which as their name states are unique. Their powers are usually stronger and more grand than other gems, depending how they are set up. Though these gems are very very rare and there may be only one of some in existence. Unique gems are usually rewards from special events or one time guests, they can't be gotten in any of the other methods.

    Example of Unique Gems:

    Cosmic Gem: The cosmic gems holds control over the cosmic energy and can summon earth shattering meteors or solar winds. Basically anything that comes from out of the atmosphere, is under the control of this gem. More than one of this gem have been found, though it is still incredibly rare.

    Plasma Gem: The plasma gem, as it's name suggests controls plasma. It can basically do anything with the material at it's disposal, making it able to make the plasma do absolutely everything. The plasma can become either lightning or fire as well, so overall, this gem controls two elements along with plasma. Only one of these has been found so far, but no one knows if there are more.

    These are just examples of unique gems, the rest will be kept secret until their reveal.

    There is a very special type of gem in Auroria as well, called the Upgrade Diamond. This gem has no power on it's own and must be fused with one of the three previous types of gems. 

    What the upgrade diamond does is simple, it upgrades one of the other gems to a higher rank. One upgrade diamond equals one increase in rank for a single gem. 

    Upgrade Diamonds are gotten just like Elemental/Artificial/Unique gems, either as rewards or purchases or some third way, that hasn't been introduced to the site yet. 

    The ranks of Gems: 

    With the upgrades mentioned, now is a good time to talk about the ranks of gems. All gems in Auroria are classified by rank, there is all together 7 ranks of power for gems. They all give something to the gem in question, even if it may be a simple boost in power. 

    Rank 1: Gem. The first rank of gems, is just called Gem and at this rank, the gem can only have one active ability. Nothing more, nothing less. 

    For Thorn gems, they can just summon a non-elemental weapon at this rank. Beast and Soul gems can contain a Threat Level 1 Creature within them. That creature may not have any abilities.  

    Rank 2: Rare. The second rank of gems, called Rare, allows the user to boost up their active and also gain a single passive effective to their gem, that is active constantly. 

    Rank 3: Epic. The third rank of gems, called Epic, just boosts up the power of the passive and active of the gem, nothing else. 

    Rank 4: Legendary. The fourth rank of a gem, again, only boosts the power of the gem and nothing else. 

    Rank 5: Mythic. Rank five of the gem, will give the user access to combinations with other gems. Meaning that they can activate two gems and combine their actives, for a powerful hit. This can only be done with Rank 5 and above gems. Also gives a power boost to the gem. 

    Rank 6: Godly. Godly gems give a power boost and also allow for a second passive on the gem to come into play. This passive works like the Rank 2 passive, nothing different in it. 

    Rank 7: Umbra. Umbra gems are the pinnacle of power for gems and can be considered over powered to an extent. The active of the spell can get quite ridiculous, so go nuts when you manage to get your hands on a Umbra. 

    Though to balance Umbra's, they require 3 upgrade diamonds, to be made from Godly gems. 

    These ranks refrain mostly to Elemental gems and to most Unique gems. But artificial gems rank up slightly differently, due to having different types of powers.

    For Artificial Gems: 

    Rank 1: Gem. At this rank, Thorn and Soul gems can only summon a basic weapon/creature. And Beast gems can only transform the caster into a basic creature. 

    Rank 2: Rare. During this rank, the weapon, creature or transformation, all gain an active ability of their choosing. They all grow stronger as well, and can gain an upgrade to their looks, but don't have to. 

    Rank 3: Epic. During this rank, all grow stronger and can change their appearance a little, but they all also gain a passive ability, just like other gems up above. 

    Rank 4: Legendary. At this rank, it's just a power increase, that's all. For Thorn gems, there is something special though. They may gain an element now, an element from the list of Elemental gems though. 

    Rank 5: Mythic. Mythic Artificial gems increase in power again- Artificial gems can be used for combinations at this rank as well, but they come with a special condition, they can only gain the power of the elemental/unique gem, in this instance their elemental power, to their regular attacks. This goes along with any element they may already have. 

    Rank 6: Godly. At Godly, the gems have a power increase and gain the second passive ability, like other gems above.

    Rank 7: Umbra. This is the same over powered rank it is to elemental/unique gems, so have fun with it : D

    Gem Balance.

    For the balance of gems, cool-downs and durations are in play. This means that all actives of gems have a duration, even be it instant and then a cool-down, when the duration is over. For Artificial gems, they have a cool-down and duration on the weapon/creature/transformation they provide the player, but also a cool-down and duration for it's active. 

    All cool-downs and durations are evaluated on a case by case basis, there are no fixed numbers for ranks, but try to be logical here. A Rank 1 gem, obviously can't keep a fearsome creature out for long. 

    Elemental and Unique gems can summon creatures and weapons as well, but to balance this, these creatures and weapons don't have an active, the active is the summoning. And they must be tied to the element of the gem, otherwise they will be denied. 

    At the start.

    At the very start of your time here on Auroria, your character can start out with 3 gems, which are all rank 1. These gems can be either elemental or artificial, but not unique. 

    You can earn more gems by doing quests, events, raids, threads or by buying them. This is the same case for upgrade diamonds. 

    Your gems will grow, when your character grows and is active on the site. : D

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