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    Binders Information and Application Empty Binders Information and Application

    Post by Naziel on Mon Nov 10, 2014 10:33 pm


    Binders are among the most powerful off all the Magic folk in Auroria, surrendering apart of themselves and overcoming horrific ideals to control the power of creatures and beings beyond the control of anyone.. Except the Binders.

    Rules For Binders

    • One Binder per profile, do not hog all the places! WE WILL KNOW!

    • Activity must be constant, not posting for anymore than 2 weeks will lose you your place and it is then free game to all other players. (Special circumstance can be made by speaking with an admin; E.G. Family circumstance, moving, etc.)

    • No god-modding! When you achieved your Binder you will be required to do the magic for them so don't god mod, it's not cool guys...

    Hell Binders


    Binders Information and Application 1267115916485_f-1-

    Cerberus was the guardian of the underworld and a creature of terrifying power. It’s job was to consume souls at the main entrance to Hell as well as being the sentinel watcher of the gates to stop those who wish to leave.


    To become the Cerberus binder you must invoke a magic that would bring you into contact with him, either by going to the underworld or by killing 3 twins in synchronization to command an audience with him. You must then face him and contain his power. You may choose what you offer as tribute.


    Increased reflexes  – Cerberus has unbelievable speed, smell and sight .

    Spiritual power – Able to summon 3 giant dog heads that can attack opponents.

    Hells Howl – Power to release a howl that tears at a persons soul making fall apart emotionally.

    Summons – as a final resort the Binder is able to summon Cerberus from his chains in Hell for a limited time.

    Binders Information and Application 5473169fbf4b836cfc1e712bebf8ec291314800431_full

    The strongest of all Hell’s Demons, with huge black wings and a smile that can kill he is most feared from all people of Auroria and the most short tempered. After losing his place in heaven he was sentenced to eternity in Hell but he wishes to come above ground to bring Auroria to its knees under his rule.


    You must perform a spell that allows you to communicate to him. This is achieved by sacrificing the life of ones mother and father as tribute it is only then that a deal may be struck.  The tribute that comes with this is seeing everyones true nature; E.G. A sinner would appear much like a ghoul, a virgin would appear as a golden light, a murderer would be forever soaked in the blood of his victims. This is meant to drive the Binder mad.


    Wings and flight- The binder has the ability to summon Lucifer’s wings and use them for flight and battle. They are able to withstand most metals except those blessed and those made of silver.

    Demonic Pulse – The binder is able to unleash all of his power  to release a 1 mile wide shock wave but in doing so he will lose control and Lucifer will take command of the body for an allotted amount of time.

    Binders Information and Application 0223_black_widow_silkweaver_by_aelannacessara-d5f2q4t

    Spindera is a creature from every persons nightmare. Half woman and half arachnid, she was sentenced to hell for seducing men and slaying them during intercourse as well as devouring the children she bore. She now lurks in the pits of Hell in a giant web surrounded by the souls of victims she pulls from the burning pits. She is ultimately clever, deceptive, beautiful and merciless.


    To communicate with Spindera you must devour an arachnid which will allow you to communicate, she will then demand tribute to control her. Her Tribute cost is the ability to never have children, she also forces the Binder to transform into a giant spider at night, however she is permitted to stay human on the full moon and is at their most beautiful. ONLY FEMALE CHARACTERS MAY CLAIM SPINDERA.


    Seduction – The binder has the power to seduce anyone by looking into their eyes. Spindera was once overwhelmingly beautiful and the power of her eyes was rumoured to topple empires.

    Web – The binder has the abilty to use webbing wherever they choose as it is melded into their skin and wrists.

    Insects – The binder has power over all insects and is able to communicate and control them at her whim.


    Binders Information and Application Kraken

    One of the keepers of the dead and the terror of the seas. The Kraken is a beast known throughout the world as a devouring nightmare of whole ships and navies.  The beast itself is 120 feet long with giant tentacles with suckers the size of a human face and larger. It is extremely short tempered, ill mannered and slow.


    To control the Kraken one must be out at sea and surrender themselves to the water to the point of essentially drowning, it is then that the Kraken will come to the person and demand tribute. The tribute for this monster is that they must constantly consume water and have a portion of their body in water, if it be a water bottle, a glove filled with water it cares not but the Binder must be in contact with water at all times as well as being forever hungry.


    Tentacles – by slamming their hands on water they can summon the Kraken’s terrifying tentacles from the sea to fight as the Binder wishes, the size of the water is indifferent provided in is large enough to cast a magic circle, however the larger the area the more tentacles can fight. A grand total of 12 may be used.

    Biting power – The binder is able to bite through near enough anything with the power of the Kraken, allowing them to bite through wood, brick, stone, even some metals.

    Strength – The Binder is able to lift weights exceeding 10x their own allowing them to pick up a small house with enough strength.

    Binders Information and Application Jigsaw_loves_you____by_xxxxblackstarxxxx-d38vuab

    Stein is a creature of manipulation, extravagant nature and power, he also has been known to go by the name ‘Pride’. He is renown for his mental ability and capabilities at strategy and merciless killings. He is the puppet master of the underworld as is able to bring most people under his control.


    To summon Stein you must be prideful, vein and manipulative as well as sacrificing ones hands as tribute. The effects of his control is the feeling of wires beneath ones skin and they person must also always carry a doll with them, it may be a ventriloquist dummy or a child’s doll, but they must always carry a doll with them. If the Doll is destroyed Stein takes punishment on the Binder.


    Spirit Wires – The binder is able to control people of weak resolve using spirit wires and can manipulate their hands and legs, however this can only be done at a maximum range of 20 feet. However they need only look at the person to do this, they require no authority.

    Body transfer – The binder is able to take body parts from any human and replace them with their own should they lose them in battle or by some other means, they can also control they ejected limbs for a small period of time.


    Binders Information and Application Lilith-ancient-demon-anime-digital-painting

    Echindna is the mother of all monsters, everything that children fear and all things that go bump in the night come from her. She was created by god to control the darkness in the world of Auroria but yet she betrayed him and created her own army to claim it for herself and as punishment she was banished to Hell to suffer with her creatures.


    to summon Echidna you must sacrifice a magical creature of pure blood and drink the blood. Then she will demand the tribute to control her power, the Binders eyes will be forever red as well  being unable to tread anywhere classed as Holy Ground. The Binder also suffers when they are around a dark creature and it is in pain feeling the same pain.

    Creature control – The binder has the ability to control any dark creature according to Rank for an allotted number of Posts.

    Spikes – The Binder is able to summon spines that can be fired like a projectile towards opponents filled with a toxin that makes the opponent become terrified of everything they see for an allotted time.

    Elemental Beast Binders

    Fire Drake Doitain:

    Binders Information and Application 446143_1352897504774_500_283

    The king of all Drakes and one of the Mighty Drakes, Doitain.  Standing at 80 feet in length and 60 feet in height, this behemoth wrought death and destruction on Auroria until he mysteriously disappeared until he could burn the world once more.


    To control Doitain one must battle him and get him to recognise them as an equal and not as an insect or pest unworthy of his time. Once this is achieved he will grant you his power and seal himself within the Binder, they will be hot to the touch and will have a Dragon’s temperament as well as always having to keep gold on their person, and will be easily subdued at the sight of gold.  The binder sacrifices the ability to control their anger and when angry will lose control only just being able to tell friend from foe.


    Fire Breather – Much like Doitain, the Binder is able to breathe fire as well as consume it.

    Dragon Speak – The binder is able to speak with Dragons as well as demand their allegiance in times of trouble.

    Dragon Hide – The Binders skin resembles that of Dragon hide and is 25% more durable to all magic and 15% more durable to weapons.
    Ice Wendigo Achak:

    Binders Information and Application Wendigo_(American)_(Earth-616)

    The Ice Wendigo  Achak is a confusing beast as it was once the great guardian of the Woodland and forests surrounding Auroria but at the destruction of the wilderness by the Races of Auroria for their own gain it became filled with hatred and revenge, its ability to control Ice and summon it to his beck and call as well as being able to shift into other animals and mimic the various races it became a thread to anyone who dared enter the wilds.


    The Wendigo Achak hides within the Caves and woodlands around Achak and can be found there.  Only those true of heart and with the heart to protect the forests may tame Achak and only then will he reside within the Binder. Once this is achieved the Binder will be cold to the touch and will release a cold breeze around them at all times making it difficult for people to come into contact with them, they also will be restricted to the woodlands during a full Moon to protect it from any intruders, friend or foe. They also have visible fangs.


    Lightning Speed – The binder is able to move with the same speed and agility of the Wendigo and is able to foresee some attacks before they happen.

    Retractable claws – Achak gives the Binder retractable claws in place of one’s finger nails. They can extend to 5 inches and are unbreakable, able to slice through wood and clash with swords.

    Lonesome Call – The binder may use his influence as a protector of the woodland and child of the Moon to recruit assistance from creatures such as Werewolves. Although it is not guaranteed they are unable to harm the Wendigo.
    Steel Griffon Agus:

    Binders Information and Application Creature___griffon_by_reaper78-d3hcnxz

    The guardian of the skies Agus. This mighty Griffon is not like most would believe as its body is completely made of steel, but yet it is as light as a feather with the majestic prowess as a guardian.


    To find the Steel Griffon one must head to the base shrine of the Guardian and pray. The individual must be pure of heart with a sense of righteousness and the desire to protect those weaker than themselves. They must then engage in a battle with Agus and defeat him to gain his approval. Upon this the Binder will have wings at all times; these will appear as normal wings or steel and are unbreakable.


    Flight – The binder is able to use their wings to fly as well as fight, they may also be used as a shield with their durability and strength varying on Rank.

    Blades – The wings of the Binder are able to fire projectile feathers that are sharper than the most deadly shuriken and can slice through stone and brick with ease.
    The Lightning Tailed Fox Asumi:

    Binders Information and Application White_Nine_Tailed_Fox_01082009071352
    Binders Information and Application 1689292-bigthumbnail

    Asumi the Lightning Tailed fox is a calamity from the far east of Auroria. She destroyed many villages at the loss of her family taking the form of a giant tailed fox, as her anger grew more tails appeared which only enhanced her power until she was able to be sealed away in a stone statue upon a mighty mountain where it is said she controls all of the lightning in the world. Homage is paid to her every year in a festival at the end of summer.

    One must visit the shrine in the mountain during the mighty storms at the end of summer and allow themselves to be struck down by Asumi’s lightning at the feet of her statue where she will then see one worthy of her power. The Binder will then gain ears similar to that of a fox as well as have a glorious tail and are often quite sleepy or overly excited.


    Lightning summons – The binder is able to radiate lightning across their body stopping enemies from touching them should they choose but this can only be done for an allotted time.

    Transformation – The binder is able to transform into a beautiful white fox as well as take the full form of the Tailed fox for an allotted time but afterwards they will be unconscious for 2 weeks.
    Earth Gollum Bohllain:

    Binders Information and Application Ae390d701bb8b589bbd3ff6ff42e07e9

    The guardian of the mountain ranges and travelers, it is a beast that honors hard work and dedication to ones course as well as being overwhelmingly powerful and strong. It mostly resided in large mountain ranges watching over travelers on their way across the treacherous terrain.


    One must live in the mountain ranges for many years to gain the power of the Gollum and make a solemn oath to protect all travelers. This is the most gentle of the Beasts and looks more to protect than destroy. The requirement means that the Binder must eat a stable diet or rocks during their lifetime as well as normal food.


    Shell – The binder is able to encase themselves within a stone ball which can be used for transport and proection.

    Strength – The Binder and much greater strength than any normal man.
    The Water Fairy Milis:

    Binders Information and Application WaterFairy

    The Water Fairy Milis is a protector of the lakes within Auroria. She protects all aquatic creatures and cares not for fishermen or cruelty to any waters under her protection. She also controls the tides throughout Auroria.


    One needs to head to one of the great lakes and give themselves to the water to the point of drowning where Milis will save the individual and allow them to control her if they are willing. The binder is required to drink salt water and also cannot eat any form of fish.


    Water manipulation – The binder is able to manipulate water at their whim and can create it from the ground and air.

    Breathe underwater – The binder is able to breathe underwater as well as communicate with other water spirits and creatures.

    Heavenly Binders

    Archangel Michael:

    Binders Information and Application Miguel

    The superiors of the heavens, watching over humanity they elect one by the name Michael to perceive judgement upon the world below. He is the commander of the Archangel forces and the spirit that cast down Lucifer. So a common rivalry and hatred between the Binders of the two would be enemies regardless of past experiences between the Binders.


    A noble sacrifice would bring Michael to the Human. The sacrifice would be giving their life to protect another whole hardheartedly without regret, then the archangel would deem the person applicable for their power. The requirement to their power is seeing the sins of people listed above them; Murder, stealing, etc.


    Heaven’s wings – Being able to fly as well as light up areas of darkness using their wings.

    Heaven’s Judgement – The binder is able to cast a Halo upon the foe and make them feel the pain from the crime they committed forcing them to repent.
    Heavenly Star:

    Binders Information and Application 342956_1327427738439_350_256

    Once a beautiful star that fell from the night sky wishing to finds own place in the universe it fell towards earth and was wished upon granting the person the power of the stars.


    to wish upon the star with ambition, love and conviction to protect the ones that the Binder loves. The person will always be shining like a star and the happier the person is the brighter they shine!


    Starlight – being able to use their light to light up the darkest places which also scares off evil with its light.

    Skyfall – Being able to rain stars down upon opponents like a bombardment.
    Cherubim :

    Binders Information and Application Large

    The archers of the heavens, known for casting love upon the mortals below they are the most mischievous of the angelics, usually taking the form of very beautiful mortals to do their work they are often seen by young lovers.


    The only way to bind a Cherubim is to get one to fall in love with the binder, only then will they accept the terms to be lock away.  The requirement is their lust is unquenchable and they will often get themselves into trouble constantly flirting with everyone regardless of rank or species.


    Archer – The Binder has skill with a bow that would even rival the best elven archers.

    Wings – The binder is able to summon their wings to fly as well as shield themselves.

    Love archer – The binder is able to also make others fall in love with them depending upon class.

    Binders Information and Application 315916-bigthumbnail

    Re-known for their beauty they are almost as mythical as the gods of Auroria as they are only seen on the most glorious of days.


    The unicorn will pick someone pure of heart and beauty, a lover of Auroria’s inhabitants and only longs for peace. THE UNICORN BINDER IS PRIMARILY A FEMALE BINDER ALTHOUGH A GOOD ENOUGH CASE WILL ALLOW A MALE UNICORN BINDER.


    Unicorn horn – The unicorn horn stops poisons and toxins from affecting the Binder.

    Speed – The Binder has the speed of a galloping horse.

    Tranquil speak – All horses will aknowledge the binder as their queen and do as they command.


    Below is the Application form, simply fill that out and post below, an Admin will check it through followed by a 1000 word RP sample that can PM'd to us. Once this is done we will get back to you ASAP.

    [b]Profile Name:[/b]
    [b]Character Name:[/b]
    [b]Binder Applied For:[/b]
    [b]Reason Why Your Character Would suit That Binder?:[/b]
    [b]How Active Are You?:[/b]

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