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    Qoqux Den

    Main Look of the City:
    Rest of the Cities 25gdsmg

    The city of the Nekoshi and home to the headquarters of the Vanguard. This great city, built into the snowy mountains of the Island of Revi, has been the capital of the Nekoshi for centuries. It covers a huge area, having roads and paths over most of the mountains in the area. The city is located high up on the mountains, so high that from the highest spots, the hole of Revi Island is visible.

    Qoqux Den is an awe inspiring city, filled with historic landmarks to see. It was first meant as a fortress, but quickly kept growing, turning into the capital for the Nekoshi. The city has seen a lot of wars in it's years and has suffered through them all, but never have the Nekoshi lost the control of their city.  

    Qoqux Den can be confusing to people who first visit it, as the city has many roads, bridges and buildings build into mountains. The Nekoshi haven't wasted space building the city, so every road may lead to somewhere. The city has multiple districts, all having different buildings, due to different times being built.

    Notable Landmarks:

    The Palace of Vendetta:

    The Palace:
    Rest of the Cities 35ip4k7

    The Palace of Vendetta is located at the very back of the city, hidden away between mountains. The Palace is very grand and massive. No one, but the Nekoshi leaders know how many rooms or how big it really is. Though the palace is not kept a secret, anyone can enter it, but firstly you would have to go through a safety check.

    The Cathedral of Shankara:

    The Cathedral:
    Rest of the Cities SoldiersPeak

    The Cathedral of Shankara was created to worship the Elder God Shankara. The Nekoshi believe Shankara to be the Elder God who protects them. This massive Cathedral is located on the outskirts of the city, near some of the tallest mountains in the region. The Cathedral itself is very grand and majestic. It stands out from the rest of the building, by being extremely tall and fancy. It is a place to visit when coming to Qoqux Den.

    The Cloud Fortress:

    The Cloud Fortress :
    Rest of the Cities Avalon-castle

    The Cloud Fortress is the oldest part of Qoqux Den. The original fortress that the city grew out of. It's located right in the heart of the city and is the tallest spot in the entire city. The highest tower reaches to 14 kilometers from sea level. Though the mountain next to it, goes even higher. The Cloud Fortress is one of the most historical sites in Auroria and if in Qoqux Den, it should be visited, as the view gotten from the fortress, is awe inspiring.

    The Vanguard Stronghold:

    The Stronghold:
    Rest of the Cities Dungaeldur

    The Vanguard Stronghold is the headquarters to the faction. It's located on the outskirts of Qoqux Den and is very easily accessible from the city. The people of Qoqux Den are happy to have Vanguard in their city, as the stronghold provides a lot of protection to the city. It's a heavily fortified bunker that can only be entered from one side. Most of it is hidden away in the mountain it's built on. The Stronghold is only allowed to the people of Qoqux Den and Vanguard members. It's also the home to a lot of Vanguards and the Vanguard Chieftain. If you are a member of Vanguard, this is where you start off from.

    Al Kharkhayr

    Main Look of the City:
    Rest of the Cities 8fa189ada7b977830d2dea48e19af27f-d4zpa5a

    Al Kharkhayr is built on the eastern cost of Auroria. It is surrounded by the sea from one side and by the desert from the other side. The city has been built onto the only oasis in the area, thank to which it has been surviving all these years. Elementals built the city at first and it then became a home to Magistrate. Due to Magistrate's influence, the city has a lot of things related to magic and secret arts now. You can easily find shops that sell magical things in the city.

    Al Kharkhayr is known for it's universities. There are hundreds of them in the city, all specializing in different things. The most known of these is the Magistrate Academy. People from all over Auroria and possible even further away, come to study the arts thought in the hundreds of institutes.

    The Elementals city is a very special city, due to the elemental building it. More magical powers have gone into building it, than into anything other in Auroria. This is why the city pulsates with power and everyone can feel it.

    Notable Landmarks:

    Palace of Horizon:

    The Palace:
    Rest of the Cities 7f720cbede625085e7ccd46503c944aa-d5b1ubs

    The Palace of Horizon is the second most known building in Al Kharkhayr. It's located near the port and markets of the city, visible from almost everywhere in the city. It was built for the king of the Elementals, but after his death, has just become an important historical site and palace for the government of the Elementals.

    The Temple of Yvendal:

    The Temple:
    Rest of the Cities 245927

    The Temple of Yvendal, was built as a holy resting place for the Elder God Yvendal. It is said to contain the remains of the god, who all Elementals worship, as they believe that Yvendal created them after his own image. The temple is made up of multiple building, but the main is the tomb, carved into a nearby mountain.

    The Great Port of Al Kharkhayr:

    The Port:
    Rest of the Cities 388241

    The Great Port is located on the coastline in front of Al Kharkhayr. It has hundreds of dock and thousands of markets and shops. You can literally buy anything in Al Kharkhayr's markets. If it isn't sold in the markets or shops, it doesn't exist. The markets are always very nosy and crowded, making pickpockets a very common occurrence. Assassins do quite well in these areas as well.

    Magistrate's Academy:

    The Academy:
    Rest of the Cities 263857

    Magistrate's Academy is located near the Temple of Yvendal. It's a complex of buildings, that are never finished. The Academy keeps on growing and as more and more students come to it, it needs to grow. Some areas of the Academy are hidden though, as only the members of Magistrate can enter them, not all students are considered to be Magistrate. As knowledge must be passed on, to whomever wants it.

    The Academy is made up of hundreds of buildings, with each building focusing on different teachings. All kinds of subjects are thought in the massive institute, including forbidden arts.


    Main Look of the City:
    Rest of the Cities 388848

    Avalon is the holy city of the Angelics. It is the oldest city in Auroria, that still stands. There are visible clues to all kinds of centuries and times in the city. The influence of the Lightbringers is noticeable as well.

    Avalon feels grand and majestic, with all of it's features and buildings. It has been built next to a mountain lake, which has multiple waterfalls and rivers coming from it. The Angelics have used all the water very well and created magnificent structures, which leave everyone in awe. Mostly all of Avalon's structures are white or grey in color, creating a holy look. Also, the city features a lot of vegetation, especially in the lower class areas, which add to the color scheme.

    Avalon may be one of the biggest cities in whole of Auroria. It spans a very large area, even though not all of it is covered in buildings. Avalon itself isn't very crowded with people, even though it has quite a huge population, but being large helps to reduce the amount of people at one place at once. The city also has quite distinct areas for people of different economic strength.

    Notable Landmarks:

    The Palace of the God King:

    The Palace:
    Rest of the Cities 247151

    The Palace of the God King is located in the middle of Avalon and was built as a home for the first king of Auroria. The king was also known as the God King. The palace is massive in size and has multiple floors and towers. It stands out from the rest of Avalon well and creates a central point for the colossal city.

    The Church of Ferenthor:

    The Church:
    Rest of the Cities Abstract-fantasy-city-HD

    The Church of Ferenthor is a grand church built onto the coast of the Great Lake. It is away from all the buildings, in a small patch of forest. The Church is made for the Elder God Ferenthor, whom the Angelic race believe to be the most important of the 13 Elder Gods. The Church itself isn't that huge in size, but is very detailed and grand. It is also still used as a regular church, for marriages and other things.

    The Evonian District:

    The District:
    Rest of the Cities FFXV_Accordo

    The Evonian District is the shining pearl of Avalon. It's build over the countless waterfalls in the area, which give it a very magical look. The District is mostly living quarters for the very rich, but also has some fancy shops and restaurants. The District is know for it's majestic look and high prices on absolutely everything.

    Lightbringer Mansion:

    The Mansion:
    Rest of the Cities 2rrbigh

    The Lightbringer Mansion is located within Avalon, close to the Evonian District. It's a massive building, being used as a headquarters for the Lightbringers. It has basically everything that is needed and even has living quarters for all the members of the faction. The Mansion is a very grand and beautiful building, having been designed by some of the greatest in Auroria. It was originally a house for a rich merchant. The mansion also has a lowered courtyard, which has flowing waterfalls in it.

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